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[EZ WAY] Real-name authentication of cross-border online shopping express consignee ~ EZ WAY operation tutorial

The real-name system for overseas parcels will be implemented in September 2018 and will be enforced from April 16, 2020. After the real-name system, everyone only needs to download the official EZ WAY App to complete the real-name authentication

Recently, all orders have been shipped from the factory normally , but some orders have been blocked and cannot be exported. There are only two problems: 1. ID number 2. EZWAY real-name system, so Tilmi Shop asks everyone to be sure, Be sure, be sure (it’s very important, so say it three times‼) After placing the order and paying, be sure to contact customer service to provide your ID number and download the EZWAY APP to complete the real-name registration and verification to avoid the dilemma of waiting hard but the goods never come.

How to use EZ WAY?

1. Download EZWAY, available on IOS | Android

2. To register for real-name authentication, you need the mobile phone number of Taiwan’s five major telecommunications companies + ID number, or use SMS authentication

3. Use EZWAY to authorize customs declaration of goods in 5 simple steps

Click on real-name appointment > Appointment confirmation > Confirm whether it is import or export > Fill in the cargo authorization confirmation information > Send

The Customs Administration further explained that most people do not know that when declaring cross-border online shopping goods for import, customs declaration operators should obtain the importer’s customs declaration authorization document. However, paper customs declaration authorization does not adequately protect people’s personal information and will also affect the timeliness of customs clearance of express goods. It provides To provide people with more convenient and safer customs clearance services, the customs has loosened regulations for the past 107 years. It has relaxed paper-based customs declaration appointments and allows them to be processed online through the real-name authentication APP, and continues to promote and encourage the public to use it more.

Finally, the Customs Administration stated that in order to implement the customs declaration authorization regulations and provide operators and the public with an adjustment period, the Customs will launch a one-month announcement from March 16, 2020, to verify the customs declaration authorization for express cargo through the customs clearance system. If customs declaration operators declare At that time, if the declaration has not been confirmed and the importer’s customs declaration authorization document has been obtained and the declared importer has not been authenticated by real name, the customs declaration will still be accepted. From April 16, 2020, if the aforementioned regulations are not met, the customs declaration will not be accepted. After notifying the importer Customs clearance can still be completed smoothly after submitting a replacement letter of appointment or applying for real-name authentication. In the initial stage of implementation, a gradual approach will be adopted and supporting measures will be developed. For example, customs declarations that do not meet the requirements for the first time will still be accepted. Customs declaration operators can check in advance through the real-name authentication system whether the consignee has been authenticated by real-name. If not, the importer will be notified. Reissue the real-name authentication procedures, etc., with a view to implementing the import customs declaration appointment regulations.

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