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payment instructions

payment instructions

Users in Taiwan can pay through the following third-party cash flow methods , which is safe and secure

  1. Credit card payment (VISA.JCB.Mostercard)
  2. ATM transfer (optional to save fees from your bank)
  3. Supermarket payment (go to 4 major supermarkets to pay by machine, and ship after payment)

Shipping instructions

Shipping from Guangzhou to Taiwan

  • One shipping fee for a single order/no limit on number of pieces/no limit on weight
  • Please place orders separately for different addresses.
  • There is no shipping fee for items that do not need to be shipped
  • Home delivery
  • [ Tax-included air freight ]-NT$ 130 ( regardless of the number of pieces/weight )
    Arrives in Taiwan 4-8 days after shipment
    If the package is sent back to Taiwan through a logistics company , the logistics company will pay the tax ( business tax + import tax).
    (48H stocking - 4~8 days arrival)

  • Supermarket pickup:
    • [ Supermarket tax-included air shipping ]-NT$ 130 ( regardless of the number of pieces/weight )
      It takes 4-8 days after shipment to arrive in Taiwan. The package is sent back to Taiwan through the logistics company. The logistics company pays the tax (business tax + import tax).
      (48H stocking - 4~8 days arrival)
      ※Supermarkets will not accept packages larger than 3kg

      When placing an order, choose [ supermarket tax-included air freight ] for logistics.
    • Just fill in the [ store number ] and [ store name ] of the supermarket in the address bar!
    • For pick-up at supermarkets, payment must be made before delivery. Cash on delivery is not supported.

      Out of stock (out of stock): Due to the large flow of goods in the factory every day, it is impossible to know the shortage or out-of-stock status of the goods in advance. If there are out-of-stock or out-of-stock goods during the distribution period, we will confirm with you whether to continue waiting or out of stock before shipment. Direct shipment, out-of-stock items will be directly transferred to the value for discount next time. Because you have membership status and already enjoy the wholesale price by agreeing to wholesale, you cannot exchange for cash. Thank you for your cooperation.

      Return and Exchange Instructions

      1. The goods will be inspected in detail before shipment. If there are defects or the wrong goods are sent, we will return/exchange them.
      2. If there are any defective products, please email or contact customer service within 7 days of receiving the product. Be sure to ask the buyer to inspect the product after receiving it!
      3. (Contact customer service → Upload pictures (leave a message) → Review → Reply) or email us.
      4. After the defect is confirmed by customer service, we will reply to you about the subsequent refund procedures.
      5. Before sending any returned or exchanged goods, please contact the customer service staff for confirmation before sending them out, otherwise they will not be accepted.
      6. Returned goods must be in complete packaging when received, with no signs of wear and in the original condition.
      7. Please contact customer service staff within 7 days. Overdue orders after 7 days will not be accepted.
      8. Returns/exchanges will not be accepted for freight collect.

      The following situations are not within the scope of return / exchange

      1. Reasons for return or exchange include feeling that the product is too transparent, too thick, too thin, too big, too small, different from the picture or different than expected.
      2. Defects that do not affect the overall wear, such as rips in linings, corners and other inconspicuous places, uneven sewing, small spots and stains on light-colored clothes.
      3. There may be slight differences between the actual object and the picture, such as buttons, corners, and hang tags.
      4. There are differences between the actual quality and the picture, such as the use of fabrics and the fineness of workmanship.
      5. Returns: If you want to return goods that are not within the scope of return or exchange, you need to ask SF Express to pick up the goods and send them back to our address at the "factory". You need to bear the postage yourself.
      6. Exchange: If you want to exchange goods that are not within the scope of returns and exchanges, you need to ask SF Express to pick up the goods and send them back to our address at the "factory". You need to bear the return postage yourself.
      7. ※You can send it to Taiwan freight forwarding office and send it back to the " factory " . You will be refunded after deducting the international shipping fee.

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